Welcome to NTN ArchiGroup!Your Office Interior Expertise.

No matter what type of commercial space you have, whether it is an office, corporate firm, restaurant, spa, salon, plaza, mall, or any retail shop, we are here to provide the highest level of interior design and renovation service to match your needs. Our creative ideas and innovative solutions to renovation projects can transform any work space or building into a masterpiece. Let our professional and experienced team of interior designers turn your dreams into reality – one step at a time.

Why Us?

Want the best custom interior design to deliver a personal touch to your office space? Our dedicated staff can address any challenge you have with your office renovation or office reinstatement project. We believe that more than the beauty and aesthetics of a room, it must be functional, as well. So, if you want a contemporary or modern, art deco, and other designing ideas for your office, we can create the end result you are looking for.

With our years of expertise and knowledge in industrial and commercial office interior designing, we are able to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our clients. We offer tips and assistance with selecting the best style of furniture, lighting, floor tiles, wall paint colour, decor and that will deliver the image and philosophy you have for your business. These aspects help your brand achieve an edge above other companies.

Our Mission

Take the time to explore our website to understand more about our company profile and wide range of interior design and renovation service. As a trusted and established office interior design expert based in Singapore, we maintain the highest possible standard in every job we take. From the consultation, planning, answering of customer enquiry, to the actual project management and development, we strive to gain your trust and meet your strict requirements.

We stand by our mission to help you achieve your dreams and vision for your business. You may read testimonials and feedback from people who worked with our dedicated staff in their office renovation project. Give us a phone call or send a message or email for your enquiries. Feel free to request a quote for an idea about the cost of your preferred task to ensure it is according to your budget. We also invite you to view our gallery to look at our portfolio of completed projects.


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